Frequently Asked Questions

We do A LOT of stuff. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.

If you don’t see the answer to your question below, give us a shout!

Glad you asked! Please check out our Process Page for the answer.

This a tricky question. Much like purchasing a car or renovating a home, price will vary based on the size, your needs, customization, etc.

As a baseline, expect to pay $5,000 for a basic starter site.

Again, it will depend on your requirements and availability on both sides. For a small, straightforward site, we usually budget 4-6 weeks.

No, we do not. Your domain and hosting will be your responsibility.

That said, we are happy to make recommendations, set up your hosting plan and communicate with your hosting company on your behalf.

Absolutely! We are more than happy to add this service as a line item within your agreement.
Heck yes! We are happy to customize a plan that works best for you and your team.
We have trusted writers that we work closely with who are trained in the ways of blogging and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you are hesitant to write your own copy, we’ve got you covered 🙂
Definitely! Check out some of our work here.
No we do not. Namely because WordPress is in our Wheelhouse and these site builders do not provide the same level of support and quality that we adhere to. However, if you are interested in learning more about the benefits of WordPress, give us a shout!

We wrote about the major differences between WordPress and Wix. Read it here.
We do on occasion but we have a 5 hour minimum.
Good question! We are happy to do a site evaluation and see if your website would be a good fit for our Web Care Plans and additional services. Contact us to learn more.

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