About AlchemyThree

Meet the Team!


Tara Johnson

Founder, Designer & Strategist

Tara has been a web and print designer for 12 years and a photographer for 18. She began AlchemyThree as she saw a need for a more complete, thoughtful and innovative digital marketing experience for businesses of all sizes.

Likes: Strong IPAs, sushi, scorching hot showers and anything sparkly.

Dislikes: Papyrus font, vertical blinds, the color “nude” and Caillou.


Mei Chagas

Project Management & Design

Mei spent 4 years working (somewhat miserably) in a corporate setup while doing part-time freelance gigs. Until just recently, she pursued freelancing full-time. She specializes in web content writing, social media management and design.

Work aside, she finds comfort in traveling, blogging, eating and watching K-dramas.


Bee Tirona

Graphic Designer

Bee has been a graphic designer for more than six years. She highly skilled in print collateral and brand design. Bee loves her work and is always eager to learn and try new things within the digital design space. In her spare time, she creates digital collages as a personal project.

Bee loves dogs to a fault (spoils her two dogs rotten!). She also enjoys watching films, reading books, taking photos, and traveling.


Angela Pearse

Copywriter and Content Specialist

Angela has over six years full-time freelance writing experience and works remotely with businesses all over the globe. She specializes in SEO web content, blogging and editing. When she’s not working she likes relaxing with family and friends, reading historical novels, watching Netflix, cooking and cycling.