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About AlchemyThree

We work with small and medium-sized businesses looking to outsource their digital marketing needs.

A Little Something About Us

We strive to meet our clients wherever they are in their marketing journey. Every business is different and the right solution never comes from a one-size-fits-all approach. Your business has a unique story to tell and a captive audience in the making.

We act as a conduit for our clients bringing lots of experience to the table. We help to carve out a path, craft a message and take the overwhelm out of marketing!

Our Core Values


Knowledge is power and data is queen. We believe in empowering our clients. We are an open book and are always ready to give our clients a peek behind the curtain.


No one knows your business better than you and your team. We can’t do our job without your input:
that’s why we have processes in place that are highly collaborative, creative and fun!


People don’t buy from businesses – they buy from other HUMANS! We work to capture your brand, instill trust and tell a story that is unique and 100% human.

After years of trying to find a digital marketing company that could fulfill the on-line marketing needs of my Interior Design business, I finally found AlchemyThree. I had a wide variety and complexity of marketing objectives and requirements, and AlchemyThree not only completely captured the essence of the messaging I was looking to convey, but quickly understood the heart of my business. I hired AlchemyThree initially to create a brand-new identity for my newly launched design company—including a new logo, website, and pages for various social media platforms. The team at AlchemyThree deftly and perfectly achieved the creation of the dynamic logo I wanted, as well as crafting the perfect website in both visual imagery and content. The ease of working with the highly professional AlchemyThree team is only matched by their ability to consistently create highly customized, quality marketing content and strategies for their clients. I could not be more pleased with the exceptional digital services and marketing media help I have received from this great company!


Mast Design, LLC

AlchemyThree has a well designed process to build a dynamic and effective digital marketing program. I’ve gotten many compliments on my new website (including “it’s so inviting”). The process is thoughtful and consistent, yet easy and fun to work through. Plus Tara’s team is just plain fun to work with.


Tara and her team are phenomenal. I have worked with them on a complete website overhaul and a continuous social media marketing campaign. The results have been excellent. From the beginning, you feel how passionate Tara is about helping her clients meet their goals. The lines of communication are always open and the professionals at AlchemyThree are responsive and willing to help any situation they can. I have truly enjoyed working with Tara and her team. My new website and social media posts have gotten such positive feedback and steady activity due to the careful attention paid to it during construction. I would absolutely recommend AlchemyThree to anyone looking to expand their online reach or keeping their website up to date!


Eastern Clothing Company

I have had a wonderful experience working with Tara and her team at AlchemyThree. Tara is incredibly responsive to our questions/concerns, flexible to our needs, and willing to go the extra mile to get things done. Tara understands our program’s mission and is a committed partner in helping us realize our vision.


ENGAGE Initiative

I am a sock designer. Tara and her team at AlchemyThree, have produced several catalogues of my work, to distribute to buyers. Their creativity and sense of design made my socks dance off the page. They captured the whimsy and sense of joy I aim to create.

Tara is an exceptional listener and was able to organize my thoughts in a way I was unable to do alone. She helped me prioritize my next steps, and see the greater picture. After our meeting, she sent me a comprehensive report of everything we had discussed. I highly recommend her and AlchemyThree.


Maggie Stern Stitches

Tara and her team have been incredible to work with over the past year. I came to them with a vague concept and after extensive discovery, they created a logo, brand strategy and social media presence. I could not be happier with the process thus far, and look forward to a continued partnership.


Oliver Capital Management

Benefits of Working with AlchemyThree

Tara Johnson
Founder, Lead Marketing Strategist

Tara has been a web and print designer for 12 years and a photographer for 18. She began AlchemyThree as she saw a need for a more complete, thoughtful and innovative digital marketing experience for businesses of all sizes.

Likes: Strong IPAs, sushi, scorching hot showers and anything sparkly.

Dislikes: Papyrus font, vertical blinds, the color "nude" and Caillou.

Guy Clark
Director of Business Development

Guy is a writer/director, helping tell stories for small businesses, major universities, and Fortune 500 companies. He’s produced everything from B2B videos to commercials, live events, podcasts, web series, television, and feature films, garnering millions of views. He loves to combine filmmaking with education to communicate fresh ideas. The Wall Street Journal called his work “frank and funny.”

Likes: Horror movies, cheese, and one bag travel

Dislikes: Florida

Jade Thai
Marketing Strategist & Project Manager

Jade is an experienced account manager who has worked with dozens of small business owners throughout the US and abroad to help grow their brands online. After graduating from college, she worked in both agency and freelance settings to grow her digital skills, strategies, and creativity. She enjoys challenges and is always seeking the opportunity to learn something new.

Likes: Stephen King novels, red wine, travel, open-minds, and playing music.

Dislikes: Negative energy, the color pink, and rollercoasters with too high of a drop.

Nichole Wylie
Project Manager & Content Strategist

Nichole is a charismatic and diligent Project Manager who takes on any challenge with the enthusiasm that there is no task that cannot be mastered. Although she pursued her education in business and design, she has always been a Jack of all trades and found a passion for Project Management in the eclectic range of industries she explored. With a unique perspective towards problem solving and keen critical thinking, she enjoys collaborating with others for endless possibilities of action. More than anything, Nichole loves the adventure of life with her husband and two children. With a drive for ethics and sustainability, she spends her free time growing her homestead, designing and engineering their future home, camping, hunting, creating in every capacity, and filling her barn with a million new projects all at one time (while her family laughs and says “oh, Mom had an idea again" - haha).

Likes: working with her hands, cooking & baking, reading, singing, drawing, painting, writing, cloud watching, kind humans, math & science

Dislikes: bologna, confined spaces, empty rooms, spelling, heights (but rock-climbs anyway!)

Mei Tuazon
Project Management & Web Care Specialist

Mei spent 4 years working (somewhat miserably) in a corporate setup while doing part-time freelance gigs. Until she pursued freelancing full-time. She specializes in web content writing, social media management and design.

She's also a mom to a 34-weeker preemie baby boy.

Likes: K-drama, traveling, blogging, milk tea.

Dislikes: Cats, spicy food, horror films.

Bee Tirona
Brand Manager & Creative Director

Bee has been a designer for 10 years with a passion for realizing a brand’s vision through visual communication, specializing in web and brand design. She takes pride in her passion for design--transforming client briefs into a visual story worth telling, and trying anything new within the digital creative space.

Once in a while, Bee likes dipping her toes in hobbies that stimulate her mind and inner creativity to the point of obsession.

Likes: Dogs, coffee, scented candles, movies & TV series, midcentury furniture.

Dislikes: Spiders, cauliflower, phone calls without texting first.

Ren Pablo
Graphic Designer

Ren is an experienced Graphic Designer within the marketing and corporate identity space. Driven by her passion for visual communication, she takes pride in providing the best designs possible for every single project. From social graphics to branding, website styling and collateral, Ren does it all!

In her spare time, Ren likes to hang out with her twin boys discovering new things, taking lots of strolls and capturing photographs along the way 🙂

Likes: Long rides, nature, sunsets, taking pictures, worship, spicy food.

Dislikes: Being unorganized, loud noise, being late.

Shai Falcutila
Lead Graphic Designer

Shai is a smart-working, creative person that can easily come up with concepts from scratch and be able to perform well in given tasks. She has keen attention to detail which helps her work efficiently and orderly to accomplish things in great quality.

Likes: Creating, painting & calligraphy.

Dislikes: Disorganized stuff, mediocrity.

Brett Worth
Lead Developer

Brett has been building websites for more than a decade. From grassroots nonprofits and ground-breaking pharmaceutical companies, to boutique businesses and award-winning agencies, he's been fortunate to collaborate with a variety of clients and creatives. With an interest in seeing how things work and a passion for how they can be improved, he is on a mission to make the web a better place.

Based in the UK, Brett lives with his wife, son and lively cockapoo.

Likes: Technology, live music, pizza, traveling, and Marmite.

Dislikes: Sitting still, needles, coffee, and talking about himself.

Ken Cruz

Ken serves as Web Developer. With over 9 years of experience as a Software Engineer and UI/UX professional, he previously worked with a leading SEO company in Bristol, UK.

In his spare time, he loves playing with his daughter and continue to be taking a keen interest in technology.

Likes: Traveling, gardening, music, movies and playing chess.

Dislikes: Wasting time

Samantha Tatro

Samantha is an award-winning journalist and content manager whose work has been published in NBC News, Bon Appetit, The Boston Herald, and more. She's worked in social media, marketing, and content management, but deep down, she just loves to write. As a lifelong expat living in Europe, Samantha spends her free time traveling, writing, and reading.

Likes: Baking, rock climbing, writing (duh!), meticulous travel plans, and lemon ice cream.

Dislikes: Olives, 100-degree-heat, spiders.

Ali Hinman

Ali is a multi-faceted, quick-witted copywriter who breathes life into the content she creates. She is obsessed with the power of communication and even has a Masters in Communication Sciences and Disorders. She started freelance writing for some extra cash in college, and it has turned into a full-blown passion. She has an eagle eye for errors and an affinity for alliteration. Her personal life revolves around her wife, her cats, and her prerogative to have a little fun.

Likes: Karaoke, warm breezes, Oxford commas, ice cold Diet Coke.

Dislikes: Bananas that are too ripe, slow walkers, country music.

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