About AlchemyThree

We work with small and medium-sized businesses looking to outsource their digital marketing needs.

A Little Something About Us

We strive to meet our clients wherever they are in their marketing journey. Every business is different and the right solution never comes from a one-size-fits-all approach. Your business has a unique story to tell and a captive audience in the making.

We act as a conduit for our clients bringing lots of experience to the table. We help to carve out a path, craft a message and take the overwhelm out of marketing!

Our Core Values


Knowledge is power and data is queen. We believe in empowering our clients. We are an open book and are always ready to give our clients a peek behind the curtain.


No one knows your business better than you and your team. We can’t do our job without your input:
that’s why we have processes in place that are highly collaborative, creative and fun!


People don’t buy from businesses – they buy from other HUMANS! We work to capture your brand, instill trust and tell a story that is unique and 100% human.

Benefits of Working with AlchemyThree

The Dream Team

Tara Johnson

Founder, Lead Marketing

Tara has been a web and print designer for 12 years and a photographer for 18. She began AlchemyThree as she saw a need for a more complete, thoughtful and innovative digital marketing experience for businesses of all sizes.

Likes: Strong IPAs, sushi, scorching hot showers and anything sparkly.

Dislikes: Papyrus font, vertical blinds, the color “nude” and Caillou.

Anna Rollender

Marketing Strategist & Project Manager

Anna has recently graduated with a degree in marketing and a focus in strategic design. She has experience with social media management, content creation, and brand research. She enjoys creative problem-solving, exploring new ideas, writing, and organization.

Likes: Tabasco sauce, historical fiction books, long hikes, comfy sweatshirts

Dislikes: Ginger, avocado toast, being late

Mei Tuazon

Project Management &
Web Care Specialist

Mei spent 4 years working (somewhat miserably) in a corporate setup while doing part-time freelance gigs. Until just recently, she pursued freelancing full-time. She specializes in web content writing, social media management and design.

Work aside, she finds comfort in traveling, blogging, eating and watching K-dramas.

Bee Tirona

Designer & Artistic Director

Bee has been a graphic designer for more than eight years. She is highly skilled in web and brand design. Bee has a passion for all things design, and is always eager to learn and try new things within the digital space. In her spare time, she creates personal digital artworks as an exercise in creativity.

Likes: Dogs, making coffee, movies & TV series, midcentury furniture

Dislikes: Spiders, cauliflower, phone calls without texting first

Ken Cruz

Developer Team Lead

Ken is the brain for all of the technical stuff of the team. He handles Hosting, Server, SEO and Web Development. Ken has been a Software Engineer and UI/UX for more than 9 years, worked with 1 of the top SEO company in Bristol, UK.

In his spare time, he loves playing with his daughter and continue to be taking a keen interest in technology.

Likes: Traveling, Gardening, Music, Movies and Playing chess

Dislikes: Wasting time

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