The Dreaded Headshot
February 3, 2016
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Face it: there is no denying the impact of a high-quality headshot.

Much like high school and the dreaded senior photo, there isn’t a single person that looks forward to getting an updated headshot. Is it really necessary? I’ll just take a quick selfie, that’s good enough, right?


A professional headshot is essential to a complete online profile. Yes, we all have the ability to take nice photos with our phone. You may even be temped to bust out the selfie stick. Unfortunately this maneuver is painfully obvious and should be avoided for the following reasons:

• It’s important to look the part.
We all want to be taken seriously and your headshot is a sure-fire way to set the tone of your entire online resume. Surely there are lots of people that would like to see you frolicking on the beach with your dog. However, it just isn’t sending the right message in a professional context.

• Show your peers (and potential employers/clients) that you give a s*#t.
If your photo is sloppy, low quality or worse–nonexistent–people are likely to assume that you have a similar approach to the way to do business.

• Stand out and make a solid first impression.
Your profile photo is an opportunity to make a statement right off the bat. If you have a solid headshot that’s approachable, professional and sharp, you are much more likely to stay top of mind and inspire people to learn more about you. A memorable photo is likely to resonate with clients and colleagues–making a lasting and positive impression.

Here are a few quick questions you should ask yourself. If your answer is yes to any or all of these, it’s time to arrange for a new headshot.

Is your photo more than 5 years old?
Is your photo cropped from a larger group photo?
Has your current photo been taken with a smartphone?

If you still need more convincing, try this: upload your current headshot to this website > and see what kind of results you get!

If you’re ready to spruce up your headshot for 2018, send us a message! You can also take a look at our headshot portfolio to see what we can do.

Personal branding is no longer just for CEOs and fancy business professionals. We all need to look our best online, especially on LinkedIn. If you’re serious about your business, it’s time to get serious about your online presence too.

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