Maggie Stern Stitches

Maggie Stern Stitches is an up and coming sock design company that has exploded in a very organic way. She came to us looking to achieve clarity around her business model, to find a way to showcase Maggie’s work, and to spread the word about her business.
Booklet Design, Collateral

Bringing women into the limelight, one sock at a time

Maggie Stern of Maggie Stern Stitches is a prolific folk artist, writer and visionary whose primary focus is honoring women who have contributed to the world in a positive way. Inspired by the 2016 election and the women’s march, with Ruth Bader Ginsberg as her muse, each of Maggie’s sock designs feature a female leader who has facilitated positive change, accompanied by a compelling quote (or set of quotes) on the sole of each. Her socks are vibrant, raw and incredibly charming.

Prior to meeting with us, Maggie had a lot of success with her socks as they are unusual, charming and illustrate her wonderfully unique approach to illustration. Maggie’s work is featured in various gift shops across the country, including the Smithsonian, Museum of Fine Arts, and the National Museum for Women in the Arts.

The Challenge

Maggie needed to achieve clarity around her business model and refine the process surrounding the ordering and delivery of her product. This would help to establish Maggie as an organized vendor and showcase her work in a way that is reflective of her whimsy and artistic flair (without taking away attention from her socks!).

The Solution

We designed a fully custom booklet complete with professional photography and branded graphics. The catalogue has been organized and optimized for easy customer browsing and quick ordering on the wholesale side. The booklet is also fun, engaging and reflective of Maggie’s eclectic artistic style!

The Outcome

Our work has helped Maggie make more sales, bring in additional business, and give her the confidence she needs to add more wholesale accounts into the mix.

I am a sock designer. Tara and her team at AlchemyThree, have produced several catalogues of my work, to distribute to buyers. Their creativity and sense of design made my socks dance off the page. They captured the whimsy and sense of joy I aim to create.

Tara is an exceptional listener and was able to organize my thoughts in a way I was unable to do alone. She helped me prioritize my next steps, and see the greater picture. After our meeting, she sent me a comprehensive report of everything we had discussed. I highly recommend her and AlchemyThree.