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Oliver Capital Management

Ready to branch out on his own, John Conte of Oliver Capital Management enlisted our help to create a thoughtful digital marketing presence from scratch. We infused his warm and approachable disposition into his brand identity with design that exudes simplicity, trustworthiness, and confidence.

Branding, Website Design, Social Media, Ads, Collateral

A Trustworthy Financial Advocate

John Conte of Oliver Capital Management is a financial advisor and life insurance broker who, after 17 years of helping young professionals and new families navigate the landscape of personal finance, decided to branch out on his own. 

His goal was to establish a more focused business which would allow him to advocate for young families and young professionals. It’s this younger subset that often lacks direction when it comes to financial planning. John is there for his clients as an approachable and trustworthy professional, ready to guide his clients in a simple, manageable, and conversational way.

The Challenge

John needed to establish a thoughtful digital marketing presence from scratch, which would start with renaming, rebranding and establishing his targeted practice within the Greater Boston area. The caveat: he wanted to think outside the box in a highly regulated industry, taking the best elements from his competition and making them even better.

This approach is at the very core of his brand and he needed a logo that would instill confidence and exude simplicity. To be successful, he would need a boost in visibility, and to position himself as a leader within his industry. John is warm, likeable, and approachable — something that would be necessary for us to capture with the logo, branding, website messaging and design.

The Solution

In addition to branding, John clearly needed a new custom website, thoughtful content strategy plan, and targeted social media efforts. Through a series of sketches and conversations with John, we landed on 3 slightly different versions of a final mark to support different formats and contexts. The mark is clean, simple but also has depth. It’s striking, strong, confident and decisive.

Prior to starting the web build, we knew the website needed to establish a human connection. We wanted visitors to feel welcomed by encouraging conversation, showcasing John’s expertise and breaking down barriers that may cause some to feel overwhelmed or intimidated. The final iteration of the website is modern, clean, professional and speaks directly to the problems and pain points that Oliver Capital Management solves. The site doesn’t just look nice and perform well–it tells a story that positions the visitor as the hero and John as the guide.

The Outcome

Our work has helped increase Oliver Capital Management’s visibility and has resulted in an uptick in valuable conversations around his brand. He is positioned as an industry leader and an equally approachable human in an intimidating space. Our custom social posts have boosted engagement and the number of people who are paying attention to his brand and engaging in the conversation.

Tara and her team have been incredible to work with over the past year. I came to them with a vague concept and after extensive discovery, they created a logo, brand strategy and social media presence. I could not be happier with the process thus far, and look forward to a continued partnership.
Oliver Capital Management