Quick Wins to Increase Your Website Traffic TODAY
August 28, 2018
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As business owners, we are always on the lookout for ways to improve our customers’ experience, attract new business and differentiate our offerings amidst the competition. In order to attract more visitors to our websites and increase overall visitor engagement, of course a redesign is always an option. But more often than not, all you really need is to optimize what you already have in a thoughtful and effective way. The following tips will boost website traffic, boost conversions and ultimately, increase sales.

Here are 5 quick wins to increase website traffic:


We are all on the move and mobile devices are where it’s at. If your website is not mobile friendly, you are likely frustrating your visitors and leaving lots of potential relationships, important connections and sales on the table. More importantly, Google has confirmed that its ranking system has  moved to a mobile-first index — so having a website optimized for mobile is no longer considered a bonus — it’s essential.

Check if your website is mobile-friendly and determine any areas that need improvement. If your website doesn’t perform well on mobile, you will have a much higher bounce rate and poor user experience which can lead to much lower  SEO rankings.

Did you know that if your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load 40% of your users are likely to move along and look elsewhere? That doesn’t give you much time to make a good first impression does it? These high abandonment factors and slow load times will absolutely have an effect on your  SEO results. Take the time to improve your site’s speed and load times.

To get a sense of your load times, head over to GTMetrix to see how your site stacks up.

If you have a WordPress website that is loading slow, there are a number of factors to consider (caching, database optimization, image sizes, etc. Click here for a list of WP plugins that could help you to solves these issues within minutes.

Optimize your on-page SEO

Take a look at the little behind-the-scenes details that you may have missed on your website during the initial build. These elements include H1 tags, page titles, meta descriptions, alt tags and image titles. Here is a terrific starter guide from Backlinko that outlines the anatomy of a perfectly optimized webpage. These components are important because it tells the internet exactly what you’re addressed and how the information should be indexed!

If this is a bit beyond your paygrade, or perhaps you just aren’t that interested in the nitty gritty of SEO, talk to a trusted web developer. Or book a quick chat with us!

Update your page content

Sometimes, it isn’t about creating more content at all, but more about the improvement of  your existing copy. Be sure to refresh your content often to make sure it remains relevant and is hitting keywords and search terms that your business is attempting to rank for.

Fix your local listings and leverage online reviews!

If you have a business you need to be on Google My Business. This is a powerful (and free!) way to give your business a boost and appear on Google search results. to get a chance to appear in Google’s local search results. Be sure to complete your profile as completely as possible and that your information and branding is consistent with your other web properties.

Want to take this a step further? Ask for Google reviews often and integrate this into your process with clients and customers. By collecting quality reviews your business will rise to the top in no time!

For more helpful tips on increasing your WordPress site’s speed, check out this article from UK Web Host Review.

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